Dani Garcia is an award winning vocalist, song writer, composer and educator from Toronto, Ontario. She is very passionate about creating music that causes cultural and generational barriers to break down. She is a big believer that music helps heal, and empower communities and has been fortunate enough to be an active member of Canada’s music scene for well over 15 years now.

Over the years, she has had the honour of playing and co-writing with projects such as: Bassline andTayua, as well as playing with the NAZCA Project, The Toronto Jazz Collective, Stereoflavour, Video Games Live with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Andi. Now she is excited to be releasing her debut album under her artist name- NOEMII. Being a member of the Latin American diaspora and second generation, she feels the need to showcase the sounds she grew up with by blending the sounds of the Americas. Her particular sound is made up of influences from jazz, r&b, world music, pop and rock. She hopes to be a voice for the Latinx diaspora in Canada and around the world.