Personalized music lessons. 

Adaptable for different learning styles and formats.


I have experience teaching private lessons, group classes and leading workshops for students of all ages and levels in voice, performance, songwriting, and piano. I also teach private beginner guitar and ukulele lessons. 

My intention as a music teacher is to help inspire and help others grow more in love with music. I understand there are different learning styles when it comes to music- some learn faster by ear, others are better at theory-based approaches. I ensure that there is always a happy balance between attainable and challenging repertoire that will allow students to enjoy practicing and to grow as musicians. 

Music appreciation is encouraged and explored in our lessons. I help my students learn not only technique and repertoire but encourage them to think about music through new perspectives- a lyricist, a producer, a drummer, and a vocalist listen to music through different lenses and you will be able to too!   

I also provide artist development services. Oftentimes, I have students that initially began with the goal of learning an instrument that find their own individual sound and begin songwriting in our lessons... And bada bing bada boom...a new artist is born! With my extensive knowledge of producers, I coach students to prep their repertoire to take it to the next level. Afterwards, I help place them with adequate and immensely talented producers from the GTA.  

If you are interested in music lessons (voice, piano, beginner guitar and ukulele and songwriting), please send me a message through the 'contact' section! I work with all ages and levels. 

So if you’re looking: 

* to have a new musical hobby 

* to find your artistic voice 

* to give the gift of music to a loved one 

*to write music and understand the theory behind it 

*for a voice workshop for corporate team building  


Contact me at or use the 'contact' form to book your lesson today. Rates are available upon request.

Looking forward to working with you!